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Local Area Trunked Systems

The Tri-Cities has several trunked systems, trunking
technology allows many more users to share a set
number of frequencies. Our area has Type II, Edacs,
LTR and P25 type systems, for P25 a digital scanner
sis required to listen to any traffic.

        AEP – American Electric Power
This wide area system covers all of AEP’s
areas of interest encompassing millions of miles
of transmission and distribution lines, power plants,
and substations. This system operates on EDACs
technology. Like a LTR system it is very important to
program the frequencies in correct LCN (logical
channel number) order in order to monitor traffic.
You can listen without a trunking scanner; however
at the end of each transmission a series of beeps will
prevent your scanner from going to the next frequency.
Initially this feature was built in to EDACs system
to discourage monitoring.

        Sullivan County, TN

        Tri-Cities Communications

        Washington County, TN