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Digital Scanner Information

Your Analog Scanner cannot receive any of the below

These Systems Require at least Digital Phase I Digital Capable Scanner (P25)

(VA Statewide)**
(NC Statewide)
Kentucky State Police
WVIRP (WV Statewide)
Kentucky Utilities

GSMNP - Great Smokey Mtns National Park
National Guard
TVA Police

Richlands, VA PD/FD (Encryption used sometimes)

Buchanan Co, VA (on STARS system)
Grundy, VA

Hazard, KY

Buncombe Co, NC
Wytheville, VA PD
(Some Encryption)

Most other Federal Agencies

**VDGIF, Tactical VSP are fully Encrypted



RadioShack PRO-651



RadioShack PRO-652



Uniden BCD436HP



Whistler WS1040



Uniden HomePatrol



Whistler WS1065


Or Any Model Below

These Systems Require a Digital Phase II Capable Scanner (P25 PII)

Washington County, TN*

Roanoke, VA
(Tennessee State Agencies)

*Law Enforcement Agencies on TACN are now Mostly Encrypted


(Sullivan Co, TN and Eastman are now fully encrypted)



Uniden BCD325P2



Uniden BCD996P2



Uniden BCD536HP



Whistler WS1095



Whistler WS1080



Whistler WS1088



Whistler WS1098



Whistler TRX 1



Whistler TRX 2



Uniden BCD436HP



Uniden HomePatrol-2

These Systems Require a DMR Capable Scanner (DMR)

City Of Jonesboro, TN

Town of Abingdon, VA

Grainger County, TN

Erwin, TN (Some encryption)

- Note: Uniden Scanners require additional paid software
from the manufacturer or vendor to unlock DMR mode.




Whistler TRX 1



Whistler TRX 2



Uniden BCD996P2



Uniden BCD325P2



Uniden BCD436HP



Uniden BCD536HP



These Systems Require a Nexedge Capable Scanner (NXDN)

Sevierville, TN (Some encryption)

Bland Co, VA
Oakwood, VA Fire Rescue

Harlan Co, KY
Future Norfolk Southern RR

Dickenson, Tazewell, and Wise Counties
in Virginia are now using Encrypted NXDN
and cannot be monitored.




Whistler TRX 1



Whistler TRX 2





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