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September 2010 Newsletter

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  • Uniden Home Patrol
  • Gray Hamfest 10-16-2010
  • Wise 911 Move
  • Feed Stats
  • Smyth County On the Air
  • STARS Update
  • Scott County Update
  • Drive-Over Mast Mount v3.0
  • Chapter 13-14 Test
  • New Licenses


Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....
Frequency Tone Name State County
39.7200 100.0 Giles Co SO Repeater VA Giles
75.5400   Afton Paging - Big Walker Mtn VA Bland
152.9300 d627 Pittsylvania Co Schools Repeater VA Pittsylvania
153.5450 229.1 Mountain Electric Coop Repeater Newland NC Avery
153.5750 d606 French Broad Electric co-op Repeater NC Yancey
153.6275 97.4 Marion LSC / FD's Repeater VA Smyth
153.7250 186.2 New River Light & Power Rich Mtn NC Watauga
154.4300 100.0 Blacksburg FD Repeater VA Montgomery
154.7850 141.3 Wythe Co SO CH 1 Sand Mtn Repeater VA Wythe
155.8350 91.5 Smyth Co SO (MultiSite Repeaters) VA Smyth
159.9600 118.8 Catawba County EMS Repeater NC Catawba
173.2500   Tazewell Co SO Vehicle Repeater VA Tazewell
450.4500   RP WAEZ Bristol Broadcasting  Mobile VA Bristol
450.8500   RP WXSM 650AM - Johnson City TN Washington
452.2000 107.2 Barter Theatre - Abingdon- Handhelds VA Washington
453.1750 100.0 Pulaski County EMS Repeater VA Pulaski
453.2000 123.0 Christiansburg FD Repeater VA Montgomery
453.3875 250.3 Elkhorn City FD  KSP Post 8 Dispatched  KY Pike
455.3500   RP Bristol Broadcasting Co   94.9 VA Bristol
460.2000 167.9 Tazewell Co FDs (Cliff Fork FD Dispatch) VA Tazewell
461.5625 107.2 Barter Theatre - Abingdon - Handhelds VA Washington
462.7125 85.4 FRS 07 -Cracker Barrel Use - Exit 19 VA Washington
463.2875 d023 Wythe Co Comm Hospital Maint. VA Wythe
463.7625 d644 SVC Gatorade Bottling Co Repeater VA Wythe
463.8625 d631 SVC Gatorade Bottling Co Repeater VA Wythe
463.9125 d455 SVC Gatorade Bottling Co Repeater VA Wythe
467.9000 d131 Highlands Shop Center UNK Retail - Exit 7 VA Washington
467.9250 67.0 Highlands Shop Center UNK Retail - Exit 7 VA Washington

That's just a few, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

Uniden Home Patrol

Uniden has launched a new scanner, named the
"Home Patrol". This scanner features all the capabilities of the latest digital scanner except frequency entry is automatic based on the location you supply. You can read more about this exciting new product from ScannerMaster which coincidentally has the device in stock today!

While we have mixed emotions since it takes all the hard work out of finding and searching and
the art of programming, etc. Having the convenience factor while on vacation or if you're a over the road truck driver, etc....well lets just say its pretty awesome but too easy for the Pros, but we're very tempted to buy one of these none the less...

As for anyone new to the hobby its a must based on the
ease of operation and no experience required factors.

Click the image below to learn more
Learn More

Click the image above to learn more

Gray Hamfest - 10-16-2010

Come and see the region's largest gathering of Ham Radio Operators.
Prizes, drawings, tail gate style flea market and commerical vendors too.

Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, Tennessee.

Tickets: $6 (at gate)
Youth: 12 years of age and under are free

Hours: 08:00 to 14:30

Talk-in: 145.290 MHz [PL=103.5]
146.520 MHz (Simplex)

Directions: To the Fairgrounds

Wise Dispatch Move - New Tower

Sources have advised the new Wise County 911 Center will be in the vicinity of the old
Wise County Christian School Campus. There haven’t been any FCC license modifications yet,
well keep you advised of the frequency changes if any.
We thank one of our fans for submitting the picture below and bringing it to our attention.

Photo Credit: J.R.


Feed Stats courtesy of

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Smyth County Changes

Smyth County has made a lot of changes lately, below is the latest. While we have not had the opportunity to confirm the inputs yet, we felt its best to post what we have vs. leave everyone in the dark another month. Since the new system is transmitting from new locations, it's now possible to hear Marion PD/FD from much further distances!

Stay Tuned for more updates, we welcome corrections or additions!

Unit Number Changes
Marion PD unit numbers were changed from 5xx to 15xx denominations

Name Frequency Input * Tone
Marion Police Repeater 153.1475 155.985 74.4
Marion Lifesaving / Fire Department Repeater 153.6275   97.4
Smyth County Sheriff's Office (Multiple Towers) 155.8350 153.9875 91.5
Smyth County Sheriff's Office (Old Alternate) 150.9950   85.4

Suspected Radio Channel Lineup

Sheriff's Office / Marion, Chilhowie, and Saltville PD*
CH 1 – Repeated / “Dispatch Channel for all law enforcement except Marion”
CH 2 – Direct / paired with Ch 1
CH 3 – Repeated “Dispatch Channel for Marion PD”
CH 4 – Direct / paired with Ch 3
CH 5 – Repeated
CH 6 – Direct / paired with CH 4
CH 7 – Fire/EMS Channel 1 / Repeated
CH 8 – Fire/EMS Channel 3 / Repeated
CH 9 – Fire/EMS Channel 5 / Repeated
CH 10 – Mutual Aid / Repeated
CH 11 – Mutual Aid / Direct
CH 12 –
CH 13 – Backup Whitetop
CH 14 – Backup Iron Mtn
CH 15 – Backup Walker Mtn
CH 16 – Backup Flattop Mtn
Fire / Rescue Departments*
CH 1 – Repeated / Paging “All Fire/EMS personal are paged from this channel”
Ch 2 – Direct / paired with CH1
Ch 3 – Repeated
Ch 4 – Direct / paired with Ch 3
Ch 5 – Repeated
Ch 6 – Direct – paired with Ch 5
Ch 7 – Mutual Aid
Ch 8 – Direct – paired with Mutual Aid
Ch 9 – Sheriff, Chilhowie & Saltville PD’s (Receive Only)
Ch 10 – Marion PD (Receive Only)
Ch 11 – State Wide EMS Interoperability Frequency
Ch 12 – Backup Whitetop
Ch 13 – Backup Iron Mtn Ch
Ch 14 – Backup Walker Mtn
Ch 15 – Backup Flattop
Ch 16 – Page

*Per bid contract requirements, actual use may differ.

STARS - Update

Virginia's new statewide digital system is still behind schedule, grid testing has been reported throughout
portions of the New River Valley. We have our ears on several suspected sites in our region, however no traffic has been heard yet. If you have a P25 capable scanner, we would love your help.

The FCC has numerous frequencies licensed for STARs use, however many are never used. It's going to take a lot of research to figure this one out. With the Motorola contract deadline almost here we suspect they will be lots of activity soon.

Search the 152-153 and 160-162 MHz Ranges

Don't have a digital scanner?
Below are some audio samples of what the signal sounds like on a conventional scanner.
You know what to do, let us know too if it’s a constant or just occasional sound/signal.

APCO P25 Undecoded Digital Sample MP3 124 KB

And somewhat related to the matter, here is a sample of MotoTRBO, can you tell the difference?

MotoTRBO Undecoded Digital Sample MP3 302 KB

Scott County System Upgrade

In the last month we've picked up some chatter from Scott County, it appears they have a new repeater.
Interestingly enough, its possibly on the same frequency 154.470 with a tone of 91.5. Similar to Smyth County's system such systems incorporate technology referred to as a voting system. A voting system is linked via microwave or dedicated landline and automatically determines which station is receiving the unit's signal the strongest. Indications of such a system many time include an echo or varying courtesy beeps at the end of transmissions.

The acronym "AW, on AW, on AW channel" has been heard several times and usually referred as "area wide" which may indicate they are operating on the simulcast (multiple repeaters) system or a repeater that’s situated to cover a wide area of the jurisdiction in question.

Scott county did apply for a modification to their license WNBN308  and as of 9/29 it was returned for not correctly amending their existing license. Per FCC documents they were attempting to add a second repeater site on Powell Mountain.

Adding this site would have given outstanding coverage as the selected site is on US 58 at the Lee / Scott county line just a few yards west of Pap Paw's Cabin Rentals.

Returned modification text
Location 1, Antenna 2: Transmitter antenna height to tip cannot exceed location overall structure height.\par Location 2, Antenna 1: Transmitter antenna height to tip cannot exceed location overall structure height.You must\par resubmit this request for authorization through your frequency coordinator if you are requesting the licensing of a new\par station, modifying an existing licensed station, or if you are making any change to information previously coordinated.\par See Rule Sections 90.135 and 90.175. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD RESULT IN THE DISMISSAL OF YOUR\par REQUEST FOR AUTHORIZATION AND FORFEITURE OF ANY FEE(S) PAID. Failure to resubmit this request for\par authorization in a timely manner will also result in loss of any previously paid fee(s).}

Drive-Over Mast Mount v3.0

After version one was literally destroyed by a wind storm, and version two's creaking and cracking under pressure, we decided to up the ante and make a "heavy duty" drive-over mast support.

We'll post the plans and shopping list next month, and also detail our newest antenna
(center picture below).

One of our friends writes

"I made a similar device for my beach umbrella, I’m very sensitive to the sun
and theres absolutely nowhere or noway to stick the thing to the car when we're picnicking or
selling honey. I had tried a multitude of fixes and they kept breaking, your invention worked
for me. I also wanted to let you know what a good job you're doing with the live police channel."

Thanks for the kind words!

Click Thumbnails for Larger

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that have become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you're wanting to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Chapters 1-6 Test
Chapters 7-9 Test
Chapters 10-12 Test
Chapters 13-14 Test

Answers to chapters 1-6 HERE
Answers to chapters 7-9 HERE
Answers to chapters 10-12 HERE

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

Recent FCC Licenses (Next Update in October)
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

NEW (in yellow)
  1. Two new radio station links.
  2. VDOF has licensed 159.4125 possibly as a correction or fill for the STARS system, well have to monitor this one to see how its plays out.
  3. Greeneville, TN has a new scada type microwave system to listen for, test your scanners range if you're in the area.


  1. New repeater for NS railroad in the Maxie section of Buchanan County, VA. It looks like per license notes this will be extending the range of the existing voice microwave infrastructure back to the dispatchers office in Bluefield.
  2. Facilities or security repeater for the new Franklin Woods Community Hospital.
State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
VA Washington Emory and Henry College WQMG822 947.0000 FX1 Studio Link to Transmitter Tower
VA Wise Jimmy Epperson WNSM884 860.0125 FB2C Renewal - On High Knob
VA Smyth Holston Valley Broadcasting WHS232 949.0000 FX1 WMEV-AM Studio Link to Walker Mtn Transmitter location
VA Tazewell Virginia Dept Forestry WQMJ477 159.4125 FB8 Trunked / most likely P25
TN Greene Greeneville Water Commission WPQT547 932.30625 FX0 Water Data / Control coms
TN Greene Greeneville Water Commission WPQT547 941.30625 FX0 Water Data / Control coms
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern Railroad WQLZ318 452.4375 FB2 Maxie. Microwave Voice Repeater
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern Railroad WQLZ318 457.4375 FX1 Maxie, Microwave Voice Repeater Input
TN Washington Franklin Woods Hospital WQLZ535 452.3875 FB2  
TN Washington Franklin Woods Hospital WQLZ535 457.3875 MO, FX1  

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated September 30 2010)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 1890 up from 1834
Unit Numbers: 3143 - up from 3106

General Area Covered


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Uniden's Home Patrol
Search and Store Tutorial
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Local Business Radios
Pager effects Pt2

That's it for now, Happy Scanning!

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