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September 2009 Newsletter

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  • Correction: Medcom Freqs
  • Weather Radio Drawing 10-1-2009
  • Spike in Burglaries
  • Washington County, TN Digital
  • Satcom Frequencies
  • Drop-Down Menus
  • New shortcuts (Sub-Domains)
  • WEHC Tower Complete

Well Since the last newsletter, we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

Output Input Tone Name
151.0700 153.9950 100.0 Carter Co FD's Elizabethton
151.5650   d115 Well Service Company
154.5150 159.9600 88.5 Church Hill Rescue Squad
154.8750   167.9 Avery Co SO TAC  CH4
155.0400 153.8750 167.9 McDowell Co NC  Fire Depts
156.1350 159.2050 151.4 Unicoi County Road Dept
159.1050 156.1050 103.5 Erwin, TN City Administration
159.1350 155.4600 127.3 Virginia State Police (Events)
167.6375     FBI - P25 encrypted :(
172.4750   100.0 TVA Police Holston Mtn Repeater
173.3250   d032 Air Evac Aeromedical Helicopters
460.8250 465.8250 151.4 Funks Drilling Co
464.4125 469.3500 229.1 EQT Production Co (Mining)

That's just a couple, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

CORRECTION: We made a correction the MedCom Frequencies, we also added
the new "splinter frequencies" which are narrowband frequencies required in all
recent equipment build-outs per new FCC legislation. If you have a older scanner,
you may have to round the frequency to the closest frequency your scanner will accept.
This generally does not affect reception to a point of being noticeable.

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Spike in B&E's

Recently, there has been an increasing amount of scanner traffic regarding breaking and entering, as well as general larcenies and burglaries. As a result local law enforcement has stepped up patrols and residents have become very eager to report suspicious person and vehicles. Below are some of the areas non-emergency contact numbers for the respective sheriff's office, police, state, or federal agency that best fits your local jurisdiction. We're not asking you to call the police night and day on everyone, just letting ya know how to get a hold of the authorities when something appears as it shouldn’t.

Its usually not a good idea to call 911 when your referencing information you heard over the scanner. Local authorities prefer we save 911 for emergencies or information that is not third party related
(i.e. heard about etc on scanner, I see the possible suspect). However, if its a genuine emergency by all means call 911.
We can all make a difference!

(county, city, or agency)
Non-Emergency Contact Number
Ashe 336 846-5600   
Avery 828-733-2071
Boone City 828-268-6900
Bristol TN 423-989-5535
Bristol VA City 276-466-8477
Buchanan 276 935-2313
Carter 423-542-6565
CSX Railroad Police 1-800-232-0144
Dickenson 276-926-1600
Elizabethton City 423-542-7574
Grayson 276-773-3241
Greene 423 798-1800
Hancock 423-733-2249
Hawkins 423-272-4848
Johnson 423-727-7761
Johnson City 423-928-9111
Kingsport City 423-246-9111
Lee 276-346-1131
Norfolk Southern Railroad 800-453-2530
Norton City 276 679-1211
Russell 276-889-8033
Scott 276 386-7679
Smyth 276 782-4056
Sullivan 423 279-7500
Tazewell 276 988-5966
TN Highway Patrol 423 348-6144
TVA Police 800-824-3861
TWRA (TN Game/Fish) 615-781-6580
Unicoi 423-743-1850
VA Game/Fish 804 367-1258
Virginia State Police 804-674-2000
Washington TN 423 461-1414
Washington VA 276 676-6000
Watauga 828264-3761
Wise 276-627-5971

Washington County, TN Digital System

One of our sources is reporting the Washington County, TN radio system is almost ready to be switched on. Once its up and running well have the new systems specifications, frequencies, talk groups, nacs, est.’s soon as possible. While this will be a hindrance to all of us around Johnson City without a new scanner, it will only be a matter of time until a live scanner feed is on the air

ETSU is ready once the change over is made to switch to their own system.

Need more info on Digital Scanners?
Check out some of the digital capable scanners. - Equipment

New Dispatch Consoles
Motorola MCC7500

New Portables
Motorola XTS2500

Satcom Frequencies

In the May Newsletter we referenced an article "Pirates using Satcom",
since then we've been able to find a confirmed source of all the military satcom
satellite listings. From news stories dated since the article there have been several
arrests and equipment confiscations in the United States where individuals were
illegally using the satellites to communicate globally. However, many drug cartels and even terrorists cells continue to use the technology to send "coded" messages.
With the frequency lists we've compiled there are two frequencies listed for each channel. The output is the satellite itself and can be heard globally, the input would be the unauthorized user. These can be quite exciting and if you know Spanish, you will be amazed at the traffic apparently out of South America.

SatCom Frequency Lists

There is also a new worksheet added to the Radio PhoneBook "Satcom"

Drop-Down Menus

We've totally redesigned the frequencies page, Now each county has a drop down menu selection that takes you to a dedicated page for that county, listing its frequencies. There are also common frequencies used throughout the country listed below the drop downs. We plan to further update each page with details on the frequencies and the county infrastructure in the near future. Among some of the things we'd like to include are: unit numbers, FCC data, pictures, channel numbers, agency links, and general reception coverage for each county's facilities. Please keep the feedback coming!.

Frequency Browser Page

New Subdomains This link is specially designed for mobile phone, and pda type devices, it includes a link to the live scanner feed that is accessible via your mobile device. This link takes you directly to a page for the live scanner feed. Once there, you have four different options to listen to the feed. This makes it easy for everyone to listen in, regardless of their internet connection, computer, etc.



Emory and Henry has a new tower for their FM radio
station, WEHC 90.7. They are currently transmitting 500 watts from a transmitter closer to the campus, after the new state funded 199 ft tower goes online they will be transmitting 8700 watts ERP! The FCC recently approved the station license change from a "Class A" to "Class C3." Once they flip the switch most of Southwest Virginia and parts of Northeast Tennessee will be in reception range of the station. So now you know who put up the new tower at exit 26. Click the pictures for a closer look.

FCC Information - College Station Website Link

Current Status 09/20/2009
Note the microwave antenna on the left below the 3 larger antennas.

Recent FCC Licenses
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. Looks like there is a bunch of new 800 MHz conventional repeaters
    on Buffalo Mtn in Johnson City, TN..(see WPF...callsigns)
  2. Apparently O Reilly Auto Parts is ditching their cell phones in favor of radios.
  3. The new SMR trunked frequencies for Nuclear Fuel Services may be interesting and useful in the event of an emergency.
  4. The new fire department repeater for Thomas Walker is on the water tower in Ewing, VA..I have several unknown frequencies in my listing for that frequency...I would say one of those is the fire department.
  5. Finally, there have been a number of local water departments apply for licenses to have telemetry data streamed from pumps, treatment plants, pipe junctions, etc.
State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
TN Greene Greeneville Aviation Service WOW6 122.7000 - Aviation OPS AM
VA Lee LEE, COUNTY OF  WQKM331 154.1000 FB2 New VFD Repeater
VA Lee LEE, COUNTY OF  WQKM331 156.0750 FX1 Thomas Walker VFD
VA Buchanan Buchanan County PSA WQKP478 173.3250 - Water Telemetry
TN Sullivan O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE WQKQ252 452.3000 - Mobile and Bases
TN Sullivan O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE WQKQ252 452.3375 - Mobile and Bases
TN Greene O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE WQKP829 452.9750 - Mobile and Bases
TN Washington Nuclear Fuel Services WNQK722 806.0000 MO Trunked SMR
TN Washington BIODEC INC WPFP336 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington TYPECRAFT INC WPFP914 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington Herby, John WPFM760 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington HERBY, JOHN WPFP921 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington Herby, John WPFM756 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington RAABE, RICHARD WPFP910 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington HERBY, MARTHA A WPFP917 809.0000 MO Conventional
TN Washington RAABE, RICHARD WPFP910 854.0375 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington BIODEC INC WPFP336 854.1375 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington HERBY, MARTHA A WPFP917 854.2375 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington HERBY, JOHN WPFP921 854.3125 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington Herby, John WPFM756 854.3375 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington Herby, John WPFM760 854.6375 FB2C Conventional
TN Washington Nuclear Fuel Services WNQK722 856.1625 FB2C Trunked SMR
TN Washington Nuclear Fuel Services WNQK722 857.1625 FB2C Trunked SMR
TN Washington Nuclear Fuel Services WNQK722 858.1625 FB2C Trunked SMR
TN Washington Nuclear Fuel Services WNQK722 859.1625 FB2C Trunked SMR
TN Washington TYPECRAFT INC WPFP914 860.5875 FB2C Conventional

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated September 24, 2009)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequencies:1284 up from 1244
Unit Numbers:2858 up from 2714

General Area Covered


Here's what we're working on...

Mobile Data Solutions
Local Business Radios
Field Gear Pictures
Homemade Antennas
New Trunked Systems
Washington County TN Digital
Pager effects Pt2

That's it for now, Happy Scanning!

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