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November 2011 Newsletter

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Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

Frequency Tone Agency State County
150.8450 d465 Smyth Co Sheriff Input VA Smyth
154.4150 82.5 Ghent FD Repeater WV Raleigh
159.3900 d464 WV Dept Forestry District 5 KY Kentucky
464.0750 107.2 Highland Comm (Amb Service) KY Floyd

Check out the Radio PhoneBook (link at bottom) for more.

Scanner Giveaway/ Drawing Winners

What a surprise indeed, we ended up with two winners!

Congratulations to Mark and Glenda from Vansant, VA
and Charlie from Marion, VA

Stay tuned for future giveaways, we plan possibly on the
next drawing to be communicated via our Facebook page.

Wide Area Frequency Changes

CH 39 Lockout Intermod issues
CH 54 Change Frequency changed back to 155.550
CH 72 Lockout Digital now
CH 73 Lockout Digital now

Changes may be made to Tazewell Co, VA
See the updated frequency list here

Tazewell County, VA switches to NEXEDGE
There is sad news for scanner listeners in Tazewell County. It has been reported that the Sheriff's Office has recently switched to a Nexedge system. This type of system is of a proprietary digital format and cannot be intercepted by any scanner currently produced. We are awaiting confirmation of what agencies are affected.

It appears the same frequencies are being used as originally licensed.

The Boneyard

Check out our new scannerfood section "The Boneyard"

Since without some type of future external equipment there’s no way for your current scanner to pick up these agencies. Many times agencies are presented with more economical options when switching to a digital system, additionally many agencies are acquiring dual-mode radios in an effort to preserve interoperability. Regardless, there are some instances where the move is entirely to prevent the interception by scanner listeners. We know this list will grow in the future, however we have hope that future technologies will one day allow a scanner that receives multiple formats other than just P25.

Twitter Integration

Check out our homepage for a new Twitter module, it will display updates posted by our Facebook Admins automatically as well. Remember to see comments or follow-ups to posted incidents, navigate to the Facebook Page

MRX Radar Upgrade

The National Weather Service in Morristown in the process of upgrading their WSR-88D weather radar from "vertical" only polarization to include the addition of horizontal as well. They will include a maintenance window starting January 30th through February 10th.

Read more here on the National Weather Service website.

Roanoke Digital Switch-over

Roanoke City, VA is currently switching their current 800 MHz analog trunked radio system over to P25 digital trunked. This changeover is being completed before the first of 2012 and is being done in a staggered deployment; the transition is scheduled to be complete by April 2012.

Additionally, Fire and EMS services are experimenting with computerized voice dispatch. Critics can argue but this does free dispatcher resources tremendously when staffing levels remain the same. Listen to a sample below.

Automated Dispatching Tech Overview - Locution Systems

Feed Stats courtesy of

Wide Area
Min 14
Max 39
Washington County
Min 8
Max 17

For select recordings see the Media Section.

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Recent FCC Licenses - NEXT UPDATE in January
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed Transmitter

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. The Virginia Department of forestry has recently renewed their analog license ofr the repeater on Big Walker Mtn.
  2. MECC in Big Stone Gap has a new wireless clock system.

3.      Glade Spring Life Saving Crew has a license for a new repeater,  no confirmation yet and the license location data refers to a residential subdivision as the repeater location.

4.      K-Vat Foods or better known as Mid-Mountain has applied for more handheld radios, likewise with a new license for American Water Heater in TN.

5.      Scott County and the town of Gate City each have a new VHF SCADA system.

6.      Bristol, VA Life Saving Crew appears to be moving from 462.975 to Med 7 (463.150).

7.      Finally, the town of Coal Run, KY has a new UHF repeater for their police department.

Note: there have been lots of renewals lately and some have modifications wedged in with the renewal, we are in for some tricky admin work keeping track of all these changes with narrowbanding becoming a reality...

County State Agency Callsign Frequency Type Note
Wythe VA VA Forestry WPTK505 151.235 FB2 Analog License Renewal
Wise VA MECC WQOB462 72.1 FX0 Wireless Clocks
Wise VA MECC WQOB462 72.18 FX0 Wireless Clocks
Washington VA Glade Spring LSC WQOH709 152.93 FB2 New Repeater
Washington VA Glade Spring LSC WQOH709 159.645 FX1/MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 461.9125 MO New License for Handhelds
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.7625 MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.8125 MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.85 MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.875 MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.9 MO  
Washington VA Mid-Mountain Foods WPJT918 467.925 MO  
Scott VA Gate City WNXP569 155.775 FX0 New SCADA system
Scott VA Scott Co PSA WQOB308 158.355 FX0 New SCADA System
Grayson VA Virginia/Carolina Water WQOD370 158.145 FX0 New SCADA System
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 452.8125 MO Handhelds for Ops/Security
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 452.8875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 452.9875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 457.8125 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 457.8875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 457.9875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 462.1875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 462.5125 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 467.1875 MO  
Washignton TN American Water Heater WQOJ981 467.5125 MO  
Bristol VA Bristol LSC KNGM489 463.15 FB2 New Repeater on Med7
Pike KY Coal Run PD WQNZ299 460.175 FB2 New Repeater

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated Dec 21 2011)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 2136 up from 2131
Unit Numbers: 3339 up from 3337

General Area Covered


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