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November 2010 Newsletter

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Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....
Frequency* Tone Name State County
151.0625 d205 Hawkins Co Schools Repeater (Bays Mtn)    TN Hawkins
151.0625 d205 Hawkins Co Schools Repeater (Clinch Mtn)    TN Hawkins
151.0625 d205 Hawkins Co Schools Repeater (Town Knob)    TN Hawkins
152.4350 127.3 yb~ Unit 328     (2 way radio?) ? ?
153.0950 d411 yb~ (TME?) ? ?
153.1475 74.4 Marion, VA PD Repeater VA Smyth
153.5000 100.0 Greene Co EMS Repeater TN Greene
153.7400 100.0 Greeneville PD Repeater TN Greene
154.2200 118.8 Claiborne County VFD's Repeater TN Claiborne
154.2650 100.0 Hawkins County FD TAC 2 (SVFD) TN Hawkins
154.2950 100.0 Hawkins County FD TAC 1 (State Fire CH) TN Hawkins
154.3850 100.0 Hamblen Co FD's Repeater TN Hamblen
154.4150 100.0 Hawkins County FD Repeater (Bays Mtn) TN Hawkins
154.4150 100.0 Hawkins County FD Repeater (Clinch Mtn) TN Hawkins
154.4150 100.0 Hawkins County FD Repeater (Town Knob) TN Hawkins
155.1750 100.0 Greene Co Rescue TN Greene
155.2650 100.0 Hawkins County FD TAC 3 (HCTR) TN Hawkins
155.2950 100.0 Hawkins Co Technical Rescue Base TN Hawkins
155.3100 141.3 Rogersville PD Repeater TN Hawkins
155.3850 100.0 Hawkins County EMS Repeater (Clinch Mtn) TN Hawkins
155.3850 100.0 Hawkins County EMS Repeater (Town Knob) TN Hawkins
155.4250 100.0 Hawkins County FD TAC 5 (LVFD) TN Hawkins
155.5200 71.9 Grainger County Public Works TN Grainger
155.5800 114.8 Hancock Co FD Repeater TN Hancock
155.6700 167.9 Hawkins County SO (Bays Mtn) TN Hawkins
155.6700 167.9 Hawkins County SO (Clinch Mtn) TN Hawkins
155.7675 118.8 Hancock Co SO Repeater TN Hancock
155.8050 d043 Lincoln Co SO Repeater WV Lincoln
155.8875 118.8 Hancock County EMS Repeater TN Hancock
155.9475 118.8 Hancock County Rescue Repeater TN Hancock
155.9550 100.0 Hawkins County FD TAC 4 (CVVFD) TN Hawkins
156.1650 85.4 Smyth County EMS Repeater VA Smyth
156.2400 123.0 Roanoke Carilion Hospital VA Roanoke
158.8350 141.3 Kanawha Co Transit Repeater WV Kanawha
158.8800 91.5 Smyth County FX1 306 ? ?
159.8550 79.7 yb~ FX1 - Possibly TME FX1 ? ?
460.9000 146.2 Marion Mental Hospital Stationary MO3 VA Smyth

We thank an anonymous party for the large part of the above update :)
*Detailed repeater information can be found in the Radio PhoneBook.

Constant Transmitters

If you have a scanner, and have ever hit the lock-out button to avoid a terrible noise that never goes away, then you know what were talking about. There are a number of transmitters that you scanner can pickup 24/7, if you are close enough and in an area that is in the footprint of one of the transmitters.

There are a few advantages to listening to noise
(just for a minute or two)
  • Checking your antenna
  • Checking your scanner
  • Seeing if a different location or antenna yields better results
  • Seeing if a certain agency (that seldom transmits) can be theoretically received

Back in June we talked about Snotel, a low VHF frequency that is used to transmit thousands of miles by reflecting signals off meteors. Listening for this is similar but with the below frequencies you don’t have to wait on atmospheric anomalies.


View Constant / Frequent Transmitters in a larger map

Turn Off Two Way Radios?

If you’ve ever seen these signs and wondered why I must turn off my cell phone or two-way radio… here’s why. The obvious strikes many that something to do with a radio can possibly set off the explosives prematurely, however there’s a little more to it. Since the early days of blasting, blasting caps (small high percussion explosive devices) were inserted into higher grade explosives then feed back by a long wire to where an electrical charge set off the respective charges.

The most dangerous part of the preparation is when the charges are being laid out, and the chain of wiring is connected to each hole in the ground or structure. Particularly notable with surface mining and quarrying, the wire is “picked up” from the ground as illustrated below to add additional caps / charges.

When this occurs the wire acts as an antenna and can feed voltage down the line to the explosives and trigger the caps. With modern day advances DET-cord (plastic or nylon tube filled with lower grade explosives) acts like a powder trail vs a wire. Detonation Cord is less prone to the effects of RF radiation from transmitters and has many more practical applications such as joining, different speeds, etc.

Below is a chart depicting the maximum safe amount of RF energy in relevance to nearby blasting operations. Surprisingly the lower HF frequencies have the strongest effect around 10 MHz. Time Station WWV in Ft. Collins, Colorado operates 10,000 watts on among many frequencies, 10 MHz! Imagine being a blaster in that area,you would need to be over 2 miles away to avoid charging the wires with enough energy to theoretically detonate a blasting cap.

You can learn more by reading IME Publication #20

Glade Spring Head End

If you have Comcast and live anywhere in a good chunck of Southwest Virginia, then everything you watch on cable or utilize via the internet comes through this building.

The horizontal Yagi antennas are used to pick up other television stations digital broadcast signal and relay it back to the network for it to be rebroadcast on cable channels. The Microwave horn antenna that points back towards Walker Mtn and is not licensed for any frequency use below 10 GHz, it’s possible it once relayed data there or has been retuned to a license–free microwave frequency.

Attached to the corner of the building is a UHF Yagi that most likely was or still is used for 2 way radio communications.
Click Images to Enlarge

Comcast Mobile - Radio Frequencies

Output Input Name State County
464.2250 469.2250 Brumley Mtn FB2 VA Washington
464.9500 469.9500 Brumley Mtn FB6 VA Washington

Unknowns Updated!
  • 266 Unknown
  • 24 Found
  • Corrections made to old Unknowns that contained some errors

    Unknowns Database

Wide Area Feed Changes

  1. Carter Co Sheriff's Office Locked Out
  2. Hawkins County Sheriff's Office Added
  3. Hawkins County Fire Departments Added
  4. Carter County Fire Departments Added

Facebook Buttons

We've added numerous Facebook Like, Recommend, Friends, etc buttons throughout,
If you have a Facebook account we appreciate the clicks!

Feed Stats courtesy of

We've seen a gradual increase again this month. There's been a lot of action and unfortunately a fair share of local tragedy as well. Remember the reasons we have these feeds, to offer you insight into news and important information as it happens. If one person is able to say they were not in the wrong place at the wrong time or made that interview on time because they didn’t take the interstate then we serve our purpose.
There’s lessons learned even in the worst radio traffic and many have advised this is a valuable learning tool for our region. Remember even deputies and troopers don’t get to pull dispatch tape when they “want to”.

The Media Section has been updated with several new recordings.

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that have become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you're wanting to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Chapters 1-6 Test
Chapters 7-9 Test
Chapters 10-12 Test
Chapters 13-14 Test
Chapter 15 Test
Chapter 16-17 Test (Next Month)

Answers to chapters 1-6 HERE
Answers to chapters 7-9 HERE
Answers to chapters 10-12 HERE
Answers to chapters 13-14 HERE
Answers to chaper 15 HERE

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

Recent FCC Licenses UPDATED!(Next Update in January)
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. Norfolk Southern has many Microwave Link License Renewals (all not listed)
  2. The town of Coeburn has a new license for a repeater and 2 simplex channels, it is designated to be used for all town services (Fire, Police, Public Works), If you remember the town of Coeburn outsourced its Public Service Authority (water/sewer), It will be interesting to see if they are brought on board.
  3. Greeneville, TN has a new scada type microwave system to listen for, test your scanners range if you're in the area.
  4. O'Reillly Autoparts has a new license, it appears it will be simplex only, unsure how that range will work with the store on East Oakland Ave being in a fairly low spot and the frequency being UHF.
  5. RA Tech Services had a new repeater on Whitetop Mountain, CW (Morse code) Id has been heard from another repeater they operate from Whitetop for some time, however we heard no transmissions.
  6. NS Railroad licensed a UHF repeater pair in Grundy to use as a link to the milepost tower at 20 Mile Branch, This is unusual as they usually use microwave or existing railroad band frequencies for such tasks.
State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
VA Wythe Norfolk Southern Railroad WPJB274 6695.0000 FB Microwave Link Renewal
VA Wise Town of Coeburn WQMM404 151.3475 MO Used for all Town Depts
VA Wise Town of Coeburn WQMM404 154.0400 MO Used for all Town Depts
VA Wise Town of Coeburn WQMM404 155.0550 MO Used for all Town Depts
VA Wise Town of Coeburn WQMM404 155.7975 FB2 New Repeater @ Tacoma
VA Grayson RA Tech Services (Reseller) WQML994 159.5352 FB6C Repeater On Whitetop Mtn
VA Grayson RA Tech Services (Reseller) WQML994 159.6225 FB6C Repeater On Whitetop Mtn
VA Grayson RA Tech Services (Reseller) WQML994 152.9075 MO Repeater Input
VA Grayson RA Tech Services (Reseller) WQML994 153.0125 MO Repeater Input
VA Grayson State Of Virginia WQMJ593 155.4750 FB/MO State Corrections Independence
VA Grayson State Of Virginia WQMJ593 155.4825 FB/MO State Corrections Independence
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern Railroad WQMN413 452.4375 EB2 link to 20 mile branch rd Grundy
TN Washington O'Reilly Auto Parts WQMI387 451.8688 FB/MO East Oakland Ave Store
TN Washington O'Reilly Auto Parts WQMP736 452.4625 FB/MO Great Oak Way Store
TN Greene Greenville Water WPQT547 941.3063 FB SCADA type Data
TN Greene Greenville Water WPQT547 932.3063 FB SCADA type Data

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated November 29 2010)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 1956 up from 1890
Unit Numbers: 3231- up from 3143

General Area Covered


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