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This has been a slow month with no field research due to the nice weather and other obligations, if you would like to contribute to this newsletter or have a neighboring site, feel free to contact us!

Scanner Apps Legality

The legality of cell phone apps while mobile, has been challenged in Indiana.  After a botched bank robbery the driver of the getaway car was eventually caught after fleeing the scene of the crime. His crime, felony attempted robbery and unlawful use of a police radio. According to prosecutors in Muncie, IN, the cell phone app that tipped him to leave as things went south fit into the same guidelines as if the device had been a scanner. Since Indiana has one of the nation’s toughest scanner law, having a scanner while mobile is a crime.  Of course many states have using a scanner in the commission of a felony or crime a separate crime in itself; this incident brought nationwide attention to the topic.  Through the flurry of accompanying news articles, many made this a pushbutton issue with Joe Public vs. the Police on either side. Many public safety officials commented across the nation that the public has no right to listen to the police, while others mostly from the general public support the idea of being in the loop. Commonsense would be your best advice for this issue, if it’s illegal to have a scanner in your state, locality, or situation in general then having a scanner app would probably be just the same.

MSNBC Article

For a listing of different state's scanner laws and regulations see this website by Todd Sherman.

LightSquared Frequency Issue

An emerging mobile broadband provider is currently under some strict criticism, including from a senate hearing committee due the proximity of their intended bandwidth to that of existing commercial and military GPS frequencies. Most recently the company has made tentative plans to purchase spectrum from Inmarasat. As the roll out of mobile broadband has been a waiting game for many, a satellite deployed solution could be an interesting concept.

Heres an article about the GPS interference issues

GPS Frequencies

CH 1 157.420 MHz
CH 2 1227.600 MHz
CH 3 1381.050 MHz
CH 4 1841.400 MHz
CH 5 1176.450 MHz
System Specifications:
Transmit 1626.5-1646.5 MHz EIRPG33/25dBW
Receive 1525.0-1545.0 MHz  
    Channel Spacing;
Inmarsat D+
Transmit 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz  
Receive 1525 -1559 MHz  

Hickory, NC New Radio System

It’s been reported from numerous sources that the Hickory, NC Police department has updated their existing 800 MHz trunked radio system to a radio system type commonly referred to as “Open Sky”. Currently supported under the Harris Corporation, this problematic system has been proven unsuccessful in several large deployments. Due to its digital nature and propriety software codec, this type of system cannot be monitored by any commercially produced scanner. The state of North Carolina is currently supported by a statewide interoperable system called VIPER. Its still unknown why Hickory did not support the already in place infrastructure and upgrade to a network that’s plug and play to VIPER. Scanner listeners in Catawba County and the city will be in the dark for now.

Nationwide EAS Test

The FCC has set the date. 11/9/11 will be the first nationwide emergency alert system test.

Feed Stats courtesy of

Spikes in listeners (79) on 5/10 for the Wide Area Feed
Washington County (80) feed on 5/26

Wide Area
Min 0
Max 30
Washington County
Min 0
Max 20

For select recordings see the Media Section.

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that has become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you want to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

Answers to chapters 1-6 HERE
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Answers to chapters 10-12 HERE
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Recent FCC Licenses - - NEXT UPDATE in July
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed Transmitter

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. AJS Gas company has a license for a new repeater in Dickenson County, it appears to be a local repeater and not a wide area system.
  2. Lee County has a new water telemetry system (SCADA).
  3. Lakeview Utility, a power company, which is in Hawkins Co, TN ; has a new license for base, mobile, and unattended telemetry.
  4. Delta Air at the TRI airport should be using new frequencies as listed below.
  5. The Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport, TN has a new UHF repeater, maintenance, security, or both?
  6. Finally, the Jefferson Landing Golf Club has new handhelds. FOUR!
County State Agency Callsign Frequency Type Note
Buchanan VA Celco Co. WNGM729 466.4250 FB2   Guard Rail Co Renewal
Buchanan VA Celco Co. WNGM729 461.4250 FX1 / MO Renewal
Buchanan VA Two Way Radio KNNP867 Multiple * Amendment (see link)
Dickenson VA AJS GAS INC WQNL973 461.4125 FB2   NEW
Dickenson VA AJS GAS INC WQNL973 466.4125 FX1 / MO Gas Company
Tazewell VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 461.2000 FB6C East River Mtn
Tazewell VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 461.6000 FB6C East River Mtn
Tazewell VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 461.8500 FB6C East River Mtn
Tazewell VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 463.6500 FB6C East River Mtn
Grayson VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 464.7250 FB6C East River Mtn
Grayson VA Two Way Radio WNVM895 464.7250 FB6C Point Look-Out
Russell VA Aurthur Stiltner KNNM297 461.7000 FB6C Renewal (Big A Mtn)
Lee VA Lee Co PSA WQNS557 151.8500 FX0 SCADA System NEW
Wise VA Appalachia PD WPSA277 155.6850 FB2   Renewal
Wise VA Appalachia PD WPSA277 153.7400 FX1 / MO Renewal
Bristol VA Bristol Sheriff's Office WPKF597 153.8150 MO Renewal
Hawkins TN Lakeview Utility District WQNR889 153.2825 FB/MO/FXO NEW
Sullivan TN Tri-Cities Airport WQNT901 129.1000 FB  
Sullivan TN Delta Airlines WQNK389 451.5125 MO New Handhelds
Sullivan TN Delta Airlines WQNK389 451.5625 MO New Handhelds
Sullivan TN Delta Airlines WQNK389 456.3625 MO New Handhelds
Sullivan TN Delta Airlines WQNK389 456.5125 MO New Handhelds
Sullivan TN Delta Airlines WQNK389 456.5625 MO New Handhelds
Sullivan TN Fedex Ground Freight WPSL372 903.0000 - Data Devices
Sullivan TN Fedex Ground Freight WPSL372 913.7500 - Data Devices
Sullivan TN Fedex Ground Freight WPSL372 917.7500 - Data Devices
Sullivan TN Fedex Ground Freight WPSL372 918.7500 - Data Devices
Sullivan TN Ft. Henry Mall WQNH965 463.8750 FB2 / MO NEW Repeater
Sullivan TN Ft. Henry Mall WQNH965 468.8750 FX1 NEW
Sullivan TN WKPT Link WQNI446 946.2500 - New microwave link
Ashe NC Jefferson Landing Golf Club WQNQ354 462.5125 MO New Handhelds
Ashe NC Jefferson Landing Golf Club WQNQ354 462.5125 MO New Handhelds

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated June 25 2011)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 2025
Unit Numbers: 3297

General Area Covered


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