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July 2011 Newsletter

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  • More Lightning Protection
  • New Encoding Software
  • Scanners and Twitter
  • New Local Trunked System
  • JMH Antennas
  • New Scada System
  • Kentucky Utilities
  • Feed Stats
  • Chapter 20 Answers
  • License Section Update
Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

Frequency Tone Name State County
40.6700 none Snotel    
44.5800 none BNSF Data Via MeteorComm    
152.3950 151.4 yq~    
152.8700 114.8 Sumter Utilities Power Contractor US USA
153.1700 d152 Volvo Truck Plant -Pulaski VA Pulaski
153.5200 none yp~ Mototrbo?    
155.0700 151.4 Surry Co Sheriff NC Surry
155.8050 d023 Lee Co EMS (Thomas Walker FD) VA Lee
155.8875 136.5 Bland County Sheriff VA Bland
156.2025 146.2 Pulaski Co Public Safety VA Pulaski
159.5775 85.4 Wytheville Police VA Wythe
452.1625 d343 Kingsport Raceway  Ch 2 TN Sullivan
452.4250 n761 KY Utilities High Knob Repeater (P25) VA Wise
460.0750 162.2 Davidson Co Sheriff NC Davidson
460.1000 91.5 Wytheville Police Mobile/ Link VA Wythe
463.5250 d244 yq~Shop / on the Job    
464.3375 d251 Kingsport Raceway TN Sullivan

Check out the Radio PhoneBook (link at bottom) for more.

More Lightning Protection
Ask anyone wise and they'll tell you its probably a great idea to unplug things during a thunderstorm, but what do you do when you need your cable modem during the storm? One of your twitter followers suggested the TII-212 CATV surge protector, we found 3 on EBAY for a reasonable price and installed them on the Wide Area feed and the Washington County, VA scanner feed computer. Per design during a strike or other surge the product shunts voltage to ground above 225 Volts. We were very pleased with the design and durability. This device can also be used if your scanner antenna is implemented via an outdoor TV antenna.

Don't forget, you'll need a short jumper of coaxial cable, don't ever skimp with screw on type connectors, call your cable company or purchase/borrow a compression tool. The cable company may charge you to install this type of customer owned equipment, however it wouldn't hurt to ask if they can install their own variance.

The illustration shows our setup on the Wide Area feed, the ground is a common ground shared by devices bonded in accordance with the local electrical code. The cable company installed splitter has its own ground, however to meet code requirements in this configuration they must share the utility ground. Since all of our grounds are bonded universally, we included an additional ground from the arrestor to our grounding system since the cable company's ground wire per their cosmetic requirements, must be bundled with the cables entering the house. Remember, lightning will follow the least path of resistance to ground 99% of the time.

The lower the impedance, the better. You may not stop damage from a direct strike but you can mitigate the risk of fire or other collateral strike damage!
Data Sheet on TII Products

Proper separation of cables from grounds is critical
as a lighting strike may jump. Let the arrestor be the
first thing the cable drop sees or touches, and dont
place anything between the arrestor and the ground.

Wide Area Feed Software

This feed is now using ScannerCast encoding software, Our old feed computer finally bit the dust.
We decided vs buying just a hard drive; which was the problem, that it was time for an upgrade.
We went with a Dell Optiplex model that will give us plenty of room to grow with future plans of remote control
of a scanner and possibly multiple feeds from one computer. We have plans to use the old computer for a third feed once
we can get its back on its feet, we have a site selected in Washington County, VA that will provide better coverage
for Russell County, and possibly Buchanan and Dickenson Counties. We know you guys needs coverage, and our goal by
Christmas will be the fall project.

Please use our online form or the feedback at RadioReference to report any issues with the feeds.

Twitter In the News

Time for some homework, Google the following story: "Seattle twitter police"
Be sure to check ourt more than one story.

Here's our feedback since this has become a "sided" conversation.

With the current lack of government transparency, ideas to put police calls on Twitter in our opinion, is a GREAT idea.
This not only can give critical information during emergencies but can build community awareness in ways that allow citizens to
interact at different levels depending on their level of comfort. Whether it be just viewing the information, relaying that information,
or responding to that information with supplemental feedback. This all can be done with a relative level of anonymity which
in many cases will foster community involvement. While many see it as gossip or fear mongering, its up to you to check your sources.
News agencies often report varying levels of accuracy during the first moments of an incident; likewise you have to decide what's accurate.
Hearing it first hand via what responding officials hear (as in a scanner feed) is only good if you stick with it an wait for follow-up
once they are on the scene.

Here's a creative illusion into misinformation.

1. A large plume of black smoke is seen on the horizon
2. Local media reports there has been a large plume of smoke as breaking news
3. Online, Facebook and twitter hints could this be a plane crash?
4. Local media states this could be a plan crash
5. People retweet there's been a plane crash

Scenario #2

1. Twitter response from a scanner listener, Fire en route to report of large smoke plume
2. Fire official on scene reports movie set using pyrotechnics, nothing showing, en route back to station.
(The critical follow-up is tweeted and re-tweeted amongst the madness)

Scenario #3

1. Local media breaks the story, states we'll tell you at 4:30 on the early edition news what happened

Scnario #4

1. Local Police/Fire Twitter, send notice after investigated...Smoke was from Movie Set controlled pyrotechnics, all is well.

Its up to you to decide which path to take, and to make your own sound decisions, Our freedom of speech and press is what
makes this country such a great place to be, even amidst the current slew of horrible things in the news. We all have a right to know
what's happening, and its our responsibility to uphold that right.

New Trunked System

The new power plant just outside St. Paul, VA has recently licensed and per a site survey,
has a UHF trunked LTR system on the air. LTR systems can be fun to figure out as its critical to
program the frequencies in the correct order. FCC records show this will be analog which is
great as even if you don't have a trunked scanner you can simply program all the frequencies.
It may be a bit before we pin the LCN (Logical Channel Numbering).

Check out the latest pictures (click to enlarge)

Virginia City Power Plant
Trunked LTR System
451.0375 Output (Home Ch)
451.2125 Output
452.2625 Output
452.3750 Output
451.0375 Mobile/Handheld
451.2125 Mobile/Handheld
452.2625 Mobile/Handheld
452.3750 Mobile/Handheld
456.0375 Mobile/Handheld
456.2125 Mobile/Handheld
457.2625 Mobile/Handheld
457.3750 Mobile/Handheld

New Hospital, New Antennas

The new Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon erected these just days before opening, we were
starting to wonder if they had forgot about the antennas! FYI, There's 100 times more lightning rods.

Click to Enlarge

New SCADA System for Wise County

Spun by the financial collapse of Coeburn's privately operated wastewater works, the new company,
gotta be hard to write on a check. maybe they'll abbreviate it CNWRWWTA, anyways...has a new SCADA license. St. Paul's water tower on Whetstone Ridge has a Yagi antenna pointing towards town and another west. The larger Yagi would be VHF, while the smaller (on the right) UHF.

Click to Enlarge
160.2075 - CNWRWWTA
462.0875- Town of St. Paul

Kentucky Utilities

KU, Uses P25 (digital) with conventional repeaters. We just figured out most of the traffic is usually on High Knob.

452.4250 457.4250 n761 High Knob

However, when servicing lines in the river valley area of Castlewood or the steep hollows of Dante and Gravel Lick, they can rely on a repeater atop West Hills Subdivision in St. Paul.

452.2250 457.2250 n771 St. Paul

West Hills KU Site
Click to Enlarge

Feed Stats courtesy of

Wide Area
Min 0
Max 28
Washington County
Min 4
Max 23

For select recordings see the Media Section.

Wide Area Feed

Washington County, VA

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that has become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you want to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

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Recent FCC Licenses - UPDATED - NEXT UPDATE in October
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed Transmitter

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. Still yet to hear anything on 155.220, however the ambulance agency renewed their license, we'll keep an ear out.
  2. Several new SCADA systems.
  3. New Trunked system as mentioned in the newsletter.
  4. 122.850 new for Alpha Nat Resources based at their Tri-Cities Airport hangar.
  5. ETSU has licensed a frequency for their engineering department for training.
  6. Almost a handful of different portable licenses.
County State Agency Callsign Frequency Type Note
Washington VA Abingdon Convalescent Ambulance WNXD770 155.2200 FB/MO Renewal
Wise VA Wise Regional Waste Water WQOB219 160.2075 FXO New Scada
Tazewell VA Clinch Valley Medical Center WQOA856 72.1000 MO Wireless Clocks
Wise VA Virginia Electric and Power WQNX417 451.0375 FB8 New Trunked Sys
Wise VA Virginia Electric and Power WQNX417 451.2125 FB8 New Trunked Sys
Wise VA Virginia Electric and Power WQNX417 452.2625 FB8 New Trunked Sys
Wise VA Virginia Electric and Power WQNX417 452.3750 FB8 New Trunked Sys
Wise VA Big Stone {Gap} Machine Shop WNGL714 151.7150 FB/MO IB Dale Stidham
Scott VA TempurPedic Factory (Duffield) WQNZ249 451.6375 MO Plant Handhelds
Scott VA TempurPedic Factory (Duffield) WQNZ249 456.6375 MO Plant Handhelds
Lee VA Lee Co, PSA WQNS557 151.8500 FXO Scada
Hawkins TN Hawkins Co Memorial Hospital WQOA975 72.1400 MO Wireless Clocks
Sullivan TN Alpha Natural Resources WQNW204 122.8500 FLU At TRI Airport
Sullivan TN US Airways WQNU997 464.7875 FB2 At TRI Airport
Sullivan TN US Airways WQNU997 469.7875 FB2/MO At TRI Airport
Washington TN ETSU WQNW406 463.9125 FB Gps-rtk Systems Training
Washington TN Buffalo Mtn Camp Retreat WQNU943 451.1125 MO Portables
Washington TN Buffalo Mtn Camp Retreat WQNU943 451.4250 MO Portables
Washington TN Buffalo Mtn Camp Retreat WQNU943 451.6750 MO Portables
Washington TN Buffalo Mtn Camp Retreat WQNU943 451.7750 MO Portables
Washington TN Buffalo Mtn Camp Retreat WQNU943 451.9500 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Unicoi Middle School WQOA836 467.2125 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 451.2375 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 451.3625 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 451.3875 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 451.4375 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 451.6125 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 456.1875 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 456.3875 MO Portables
Unicoi TN Progress Rail Recycling - Erwin WQNT465 456.7125 MO Portables

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated July 30 2011)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 2009 up from 1966
Unit Numbers: 3318- up from 3297

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