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July 2010 Newsletter

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  • New Weather Radio Station
  • New Unknowns
  • Smyth County Update
  • Live Feed Hum Fix
  • Abingdon Digital
  • Homemade 450 MHz Yagi
  • Chapter 7-9 Test


Well Since the last newsletter, we've found new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....
Frequency Tone Description State County
72.5400   Afton Paging FXCT - Big Walker Mtn VA Bland
72.8800   Afton Paging FXCT - High Knob VA Wise
118.0750   Tazewell County Airport Weather VA Tazewell
118.6000   Lonesome Pine Airport Weather VA Wise
151.4525 97.4 Grayson Co - York Ridge VA Grayson
151.9250 None Princeton Comm Hosp. (Voice Pages) WV Mercer
153.5750 107.2 Perry County Public Works  KY Perry
153.6350 127.3 Johnson City Power Board TN Washington
153.9725   Abingdon FD -Fire Tac 1 Mototrbo VA Washington
154.1600 136.5 Wyoming Co WV FD's WV Wyoming
154.2350 162.2 Gastonia City FD's NC Gaston
154.4150 151.4 Randolph Co FD's NC Randolph
154.4450 94.8 Mercer County WV FD's WV Mercer
154.7700 d114 Wise PD Tactical VA Wise
154.8825 d516 E TN State Medtrans -Enlgish Mtn TN Cocke
155.2800 186.2 Burke County EMS NC Burke
155.5350 192.8 Bluefield VA PD VA Bluefield
155.6400 156.7 Floyd County EMS KY Floyd
155.6775 100.0 Cedar Bluff PD VA Tazewell
155.7675 118.8 Hancock Co SO TN Hancock
155.8725 d311 Hawkins County / Church Hill EMS TN Hawkins
159.1950   Abingdon PD / FD  Mototrbo VA Washington
453.0875   Lonesome Pine Airport Weather Data Link VA Wise
460.3875 d032 TN EMS Mutual Aid- Wings Medevac TN Tennessee
464.1250 d051 DHP Ambulance Service KY Pike
464.6000 151.4 A. Stiltner-Strip Mine Op Tazewell Co  VA Buchanan
465.9625   Fleenor Security Sys  Fastbell Alarm Net TN Washington
857.3625   Tri Cities Communications Trunk K-sport TN Sullivan
858.3625   Tri Cities Communications Trunk K-sport TN Sullivan
858.8875   Tri Cities Comm. Trunk C  Kspt SID:5407h TN Sullivan
949.0000   WMEV Studio Link Walker Mtn WFM VA Smyth

That's just a few, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

New Noaa Weather Radio Transmitter

The National Weather Service is now transmitting a new Noaa Weather Radio station, callsign WZ2500 from atop Sand Mountain in Wytheville, VA. Operating on a frequency of 162.450 MHz with a WRG300 transmitter emitting 300 watts of power. The station officially began broadcasting on June 26th at about 3 PM becoming the tenth station to operate in Virginia. The new transmitter gives much needed coverage to residents of the New River Valley. Assigned, this is latest in a series of grant provided build-outs across the country by the USDA's Rural Development Telecommunication Project. Grant money from the USDA alone totaled $48,800 and paid for the transmitter, antenna, and backup generator.

The station didn't go on the air without problems. After its initial testing began in May, interference issues with a local fire department repeater caused some initial hiccups. With those problems resolved we are pleased to have reliable reception in the more rugged parts of northern Grayson County.

USDA's Grant Program -

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg Virginia
welcomes comments by calling
540-552-0084 or via email to

WZ2500's Coverage Map

New Unknowns

There are several that we feel we are close to figuring out, one ambulance company that covers Wise County locations (153.605) and several private business's. These are subscribers under licenses such as "Two Way Radio Service INC", therefore the actual user of the frequency is not publicly known.
Frequency Tone Notes
151.0550 d125 xt~
461.5250 d051 xt~
461.5250 d365 xt~
153.6200 131.8 xt~
151.8150 206.5 xt~ EMS/LEO
151.0250 d365 zk~
151.9850 88.5 zk~ 371,370 CH2
452.4000 d466 zk~ Data Telemetry
452.2375   zk~ Data Telemetry (large payload file)
462.1000 77.0 zk~ Slow ANI 98,70,67,61,51,22,18,36  
154.1750 192.8 zk~Patience Creek? Hamm Hollow Rd?
463.4750 103.5 zk~Truck or machinery
153.6050 103.5 zo~MedTrans, #800, unit 3, Wise

Smyth County Update

Here's what we've been watching for Smyth County, VA
It appears the idea of Smyth County going digital, was in fact only speculation, official documents have been updated to reflect analog operations versus P25 Digital.
Let us know if you have any more new frequencies / tones.

Frequency Tone Notes
153.5825 ? CW station ID twice an hour
155.6925 79.7 Recent Range Tests in Chilhowie
155.8350 88.5 Previous use by Service Authority (Water)
156.1650 85.4 CW station ID twice an hour
156.2350 69.3 Previous Range tests in upper part of county

Bye Hum Bug!

The Wide Area feed has been experiencing an increasingly annoying AC hum. Recently, we corrected this issue and made some enhancements to the lightning protection systems. Having anything plugged up in a raging lightning storm is asking for trouble, however when it's a live feed, that's it's most important time to stay on the air.

See if you can hear the difference

Wide Area feed Schematic (updated)

An additional ground was added between the computer and the feedline ground / scanner ground. This reduces the amount of AC power grounding energy from flowing through the shield (ground) of the audio cable. We plan to add an addtional ground isolator inline on the audio cable in the coming weeks and completely bypass the CPU and tie the CPU chassis directly into the earth ground. Our current configuration provides adequate pass-through in the event of a major strike but leaves the computer's soundcard exposed as a common path for voltage to escape to ground. Being this is attached to the computers motherboard its not a bad idea to isolate the scanner

Ground Loop Isolator

Abingdon, VA Digital License Updates


The above callsign has an ammendum attached requesting the FCC grant the below new frequencies for use on the town's new MotoTRBO system. Two simplex channel designations have been heard "Police Tac 1", and "Fire Tac 1" both apparently using 153.9725 listed for mobile use.
While MotoTRBO cannot be decoded with your typical scanner, digital speech decoding software and a simple but tedious modification to your scanner can make it possible. We'll have more on this procedure in a future newsletter.

Abingdon's Digital Radio Frequencies (MotoTRBO)
154.3850 Existing Repeater FD Output
158.8650 Existing Repeater FD Input
159.1950 New Frequency
153.9725 New Frequency
159.1950 New Frequency
453.3500 Licensed for voice (Output)
453.5125 Licensed for data devices (Output)
458.3500 Licensed for voice (Input)
458.5125 License for data devices (Input)

Homemade $15.00 450 MHz Yagi (~ 10dB Gain)

Remember the higher the frequency the more difficult it becomes to get the signal from the antenna to the receiver. In our case we needed something with more gain for the UHF business and public safety band.
With a lot of your unknowns being in this range, a directional antenna is just what we need.
Commercially available Yagi's in this range vary from $40 to over a hundred bucks!
With ten foot of the copper tubing costing less than nine dollars and already having everything else we needed this should be an easy build. Here are some tips.

Shopping List   Tools   Dimensions 450 MHz
  • 10 ft - 1/4'' copper coil tubing
  • 7/8 " Wooden dowel rod (>30")
  • Gorilla Glue (multi-purpose foaming)
  • Metal mending plate 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
  • 2 Bolts (matching dimensions)
  • 2 Lock Nuts (matching dimensions)
  • 2 Nuts (matching dimensions)
  • Coax
  • Coaxial connector
  • 2 or 3 Nylon Ties
  • 1/4" Plastic Drywall Screw Expander x2
  • Heat Shrink Tubing or Electrical Tape
  1. 5/16" Drill Bit
  2. Drill
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Wrench/Pliers
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Pipe Cutter
  7. String or Vice
Reflector 13 7/32"
Driven Element 6 1/2" Each Side
Directors 11 7/32"
Spacing 4 15/16"

Having a drill press makes drilling the holes much easier, also the use of a vice would make the process much easier...hrm maybe I need Santa to bring me a nice one. First, I measured out the hole placement and since I had enough tubing I decided to make it a 7 element. The number of director elements only increases gain and boom weight! If you decide to get exotic and have lots of elements don't over stress your boom, they can get heavy with lots of elements. Since I didn't have a vice I drilled the first hole (this would be the director element). I left enough room on the end to attach the mounting bracket or to leave room to use a handle for handheld use. I then inserted a 5/16'' wooden dowel I had to use a guide for drilling the remaining holes straight.

Directors and Reflector
I Drilled the holes and cut my tubing with a pipe cutter, its convenient to straighten the tubing as your cutting versus waiting till after its cut. Remember you can always fine tune it after its assembled since the copper tubing is flexible. Using some Q-Tips I moistened the inside of the holes and then used my 5/16" dowel to slap on Gorilla Glue. Inserted each piece of copper tubing until centered. Using the glue dowel I marked center to make measuring each side of the boom easier.
Driven Element
The driven element is basically a director cut in half, each end has a plastic dry-wall expanding plus slipped inside the copper tubing. This is to insulate either side from making contact once both have been slipped inside the dowel rod as pictured below. It's important to not increase the length of the driven elements more than a few millimeters, if they are longer than the reflector the antenna looses its ability to be directional. The directors and reflector are solid lengths all the way through the boom.

Dry-wall Hanger Plug


Driven Element Electrical
We don't plan on using this antenna for transmitting so the SWR (standing wave ratio) is not really a big concern, neither is matching the antenna. While this can increase reception capabilities we simply are attaching the shield and center of the coax to each end of the driven elements respectively. While copper tubing can be fun to solder to, 1/4" is usually managable with a very hot iron. Drilling a very small hole in the element just a few cm out from the blue plugs above make soldering the coax leads much easier. To finish things up we drilled an additional hole in the boom before soldering the leads to route the coax back through the boom for strength. We also used some heat shrink tubing and glue to further the reinforcements. While the elements are not perfectly straight it'll do for now, when I get a feeling of OCD'ness Ill have it perfect.

Click for larger

Recommended Reading
Two- Way Radios and Scanners
for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0764595820

Perfect for anyone new to the hobby and an excellent refresher for us that have become a little rusty. This is the most up to date publication that effectively covers multiple radio services available.

I have been mentoring someone new to the scanner hobby and provided a little reinforcement. If you're wanting to test your skills, here are some sample tests I quickly drew up to make the subject matter a little more intensive.

Chapters 1-6 Test
Chapters 7-9 Test

Answers to chapters 1-6 HERE

Answers to follow in each new newsletter

Recent FCC Licenses (Next Update in August)
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
MOI- Interconnected Mobile
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

NEW (in yellow)
  1. New repeater for NS railroad in the Maxie section of Buchanan County, VA. It looks like per license notes this will be extending the range of the existing voice microwave infrastructure back to the dispatchers office in Bluefield.
  2. Facilities or security repeater for the new Franklin Woods Community Hospital.
  3. ***Many other license renewals not mentioned for area microwave links.


  1. Sibley Communications appears to own the Link-Tech license now we mentioned last month.
  2. Paramont coal has a new license with a repeater in Toms Creek, The MO's are licensed to be used anywhere in the state of VA.
  3. Wise County, VA Public Service Authority has new Scada sites.
  4. Bristol, TN Police Department has a partial license for a Bomb Squad robot.
  5. Hawkins County, TN has a license large enough to cover all the schools with 5 channel handheld radios, per the license the radios will be just for school site use and not inter-facility.
  6. Ashe and Yancey County, NC are finally getting VIPER sites, This is statewide system and will be interesting once operational.
  7. Finally, the NC Department of Transportation applied for a microwave link...per the license data it appears to be analog and should be monitorable.
State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern Railroad WQLZ318 452.4375 FB2 Maxie. Microwave Voice Repeater
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern Railroad WQLZ318 457.4375 FX1 Maxie, Microwave Voice Repeater Input
TN Washington Franklin Woods Hospital WQLZ535 452.3875 FB2  
TN Washington Franklin Woods Hospital WQLZ535 457.3875 MO, FX1  
VA Wise Sibley Comm. WPPX212   452.3 FB6 Transfer / Reseller
VA Russell Sibley Comm. WPPX212   451.45 FB6 Transfer / Reseller
VA Washington Sibley Comm. WPPX212   451.65 FB6 Transfer / Reseller
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   151.5125 MOI   Mine Site Use "
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   151.76 MOI   Interconnect
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   154.5275 MOI   Interconnect
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   158.4075 MOI   Interconnect
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   451.85 FB2   Toms Creek Repeater
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   451.85 MO   Statewide Use
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   456.85 MO   Statewide Use
VA Wise Paramont Coal WQLT700   462.525 MO   Statewide Use
VA Wise Wise Co PSA WQLU666 153.1625 FXO SCADA - Water
VA Wise Wise Co PSA WQLU667 153.1625 FXO SCADA - Water
VA Wise Wise Co PSA WQLU668 153.1625 FXO SCADA - Water
VA Wise Wise Co PSA WQLY693 153.1625 FXO SCADA - Water
VA Wise Wise Co PSA WQLY694 153.1625 FXO SCADA - Water
TN Sullivan Bristol PD WQLW940   2461 MO Bomb Robot Video
TN Sullivan Bristol PD Pending 465.05 MO Bomb Robot Audio/data
TN Sullivan Bristol PD Pending 460.05 MO Bomb Robot Audio/data
TN Hawkins Hawkins Co Schools WQLU931 461.4625 MO School Handheld Radios
TN Hawkins Hawkins Co Schools WQLU931 462.3 MO School Handheld Radios
TN Hawkins Hawkins Co Schools WQLU931 463.625 MO School Handheld Radios
TN Hawkins Hawkins Co Schools WQLU931 464.4625 MO School Handheld Radios
TN Hawkins Hawkins Co Schools WQLU931 464.925 MO School Handheld Radios
NC Ashe NC Highway Patrol WQLD762 866.325 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Ashe NC Highway Patrol WQLD762 867.05 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Ashe NC Highway Patrol WQLD762 867.4375 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Ashe NC Highway Patrol WQLD762 867.9375 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Ashe NC Highway Patrol WQLD762 868.9125 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Yancey NC Dept Transport. KIW20 955.8 FX1 Analog Microwave Link
NC Yancey NC Highway Patrol WQKG288 866.35 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Yancey NC Highway Patrol WQKG288 866.625 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Yancey NC Highway Patrol WQKG288 866.9 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Yancey NC Highway Patrol WQKG288 867.95 FB2C Statewide Viper System
NC Yancey NC Highway Patrol WQKG288 868.6125 FB2C Statewide Viper System

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated July 31 2010)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 1827 up from 1761
Unit Numbers: 3104 - up from 3074

General Area Covered


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