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August 2009 Newsletter

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Well Since the last newsletter, we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....
Output Input Tone Name
42.9200   173.8 NC Highway Patrol CH 18
154.4000 151.0550 151.4 Wilkes County Fire Depts 
155.0400 153.8750 167.9 McDowell Co NC  Fire Depts
155.4300 156.1500 91.5 Buncombie Co NC Sheriff CH 1
168.0250 172.4000 123.0 USFS SE TN Law Enforcement
168.5750 166.6375 103.5 TVA  Watershed Team English Mtn
169.0875   P25 Great Smokey Mtns DIGITAL
169.8750 164.8250 103.5 USFS Fire Helicopters
170.0750 163.1750 225.7 TVA Operations and Maintenance
151.1600   118.8 Roan Mtn State Park
151.1600   114.8 Sycamore Shoals State Park
154.3550   118.8 Sullivan Co TN VFD's
460.5000 465.5000 156.7 Scott Co PSA (Water Dept)

That's just a couple, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

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Unknown Frequencies
There's a new section on the website called "Unknown Frequencies",
this is the ones that we couldn’t exactly figure out but heard on the air.
We need your help!, you can send us an email by the form if you know
any information about the frequencies.

Wanna be a frequency sleuth? Check out the mystery frequencies here.

Live Scanner Feed Updates

Our live Scanner feed is now being simulcast at Radio
Now you can listen at the alternate location just the same as you always have.
There are no plans to remove the current Radio Destiny feed, so feel free to use either method. The multi-format streams even support satellite internet!

With the new feed there’s added benefits, not only can you select
your player preference but there’s also an archives section that records the streams! So if you miss something there’s a way to go and hear what happened from several days ago, this is especially useful since a lot of the local news agencies are not covering what they used to.

Here's the link-

HEAR - Hospital Emergency Ambulance Radio

Our local heroes depend on a couple frequencies to get the message through when they are responding from the scene to the hospital. If you watched TV during the seventies you may have remembered the hit show "Emergency". Squad 51 this is Rampart; Minus the sideburns not much has changed in 30 years! Ambulances still report their patient's condition and ask for permission to administer meds via radio. The warbling noises heard were the ECG (Electrocardiogram) 12 lead transmissions, those classic sounds can still be heard on the Sullivan County Trunked system.

Some hospitals block all transmissions on their radios unless a specific DTMF tone is received. DTMF tones are the sounds you hear after pressing numerical buttons on a telephone in-call. Now since many of the agencies around here don’t radios with the telephone looking keypads they cannot "encode" into the hospital channel. The solution adopted by the Johnson City Medical Center is to have a designated dispatcher monitor a frequency, listen to traffic, then open the squelch on the hospitals radio by transmitting the appropriate DTMF tone sequence. "Johnson City MEDCOM" operates on 155.205, and is sometimes referred to as "MEDCOM 205". They conduct a weekly radio check on Monday mornings starting at 9:00 AM. If you're listening to 155.205 and hear a unit ask to be encoded, immediately switch to 155.340, you will be able to follow the conversation. However, sometimes the report may be relayed via the 155.205 frequency.

Johnson City Medcom benefits from two remote based receivers, these radios listen for traffic on 155.205 and 155.340 and retransmit anything heard on a UHF frequency. Listening to these can be useful if you live far away enough to not be able to hear the ambulances calling in their report.

The FCC previously set aside designated channels for medical use referred to as medcom. These frequency pairs are used nationwide but may sometimes be shared with secondary users such as business or public safety. Medlfight uses MED9 for flight following and patient condition reports back to their base at Wellmont’s hospital in Bristol, VA (BRMC). If you live too far away to hear the repeater you can listen to the repeater's input frequency, that way you can be sure you don’t miss any of the transmission.

Since a lot of hospitals monitor 155.340 for reports they sometimes use the CTCSS squelch (Tone) on their radio. Many of the hospitals rely on a remote base placed a strategic location like atop a mountain to facilitate the communications link in rugged terrain. Most hospitals simultaneously listen to an alternate channel; these would be used in disasters or in the even of equipment failure on the 155.340 frequency.

Hear VHF

Frequency Tone Hospital
155.3400 88.5 Bristol Regional
155.3400 192.8 Buchanan General
155.3400 82.5 Clinch Valley MC
155.3400 229.1 Dickenson Community
155.4000 88.5 Johnson Memorial 2
153.3400 110.9 Lonesome Pine
155.3400 229.1 Norton Community
153.3400 146.2 Pulaski Community
155.3850 88.5 Russell County Medical Center
155.3400 151.4 Smyth County Hospital
155.3400 114.8 Twin County Galax
155.3400 141.3 Wythe County Community
155.3400 88.5 HEAR Common

Sullivan County, TN "HEAR" Talkgroup IDS

48880 Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center 1 
48912 Indian Path Medical Center 
48944 Bristol Regional 
48976 Johnson City Medical Center 
49040 Data
49008 Sycamore Shoals 
49104 Hawkins County Memorial 
49136 Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center 2 - 12 Lead ECG Data Transmission  
49168  Mountain Home VA Medical Center 
49200 Northside ER 

Medcom Hear and 205 Relays

Output Input Tone Name
453.0750 155.3400 d155 MSHA Medcom HEAR Relay
453.9250 155.2050 d205 MSHA Medcom HEAR Relay

Medcom Frequencies



468.0000 MedCom CH 01 Ambulance
463.0000 MedCom CH 01 Hospital
468.0250 MedCom CH 02 Ambulance
463.0250 MedCom CH 02 Hospital
468.0500 MedCom CH 03 Ambulance
463.0500 MedCom CH 03 Hospital
468.0750 MedCom CH 04 Ambulance
463.0750 MedCom CH 04 Hospital
468.1000 MedCom CH 05 Ambulance
463.1000 MedCom CH 05 Hospital
468.1250 MedCom CH 06 Ambulance
463.1250 MedCom CH 06 Hospital
468.1500 MedCom CH 07 Ambulance
463.1500 MedCom CH 07 Hospital
468.1750 MedCom CH 08 Ambulance
463.1750 MedCom CH 08 Hospital
467.9500 MedCom CH 09 Ambulance
462.9500 MedCom CH 09 Hospital
467.9750 MedCom CH 10 Ambulance
462.9750 MedCom CH 10 Hospital

We listened,
Our main frequency file is now in Adobe Acrobat format

I've had my frustrations with Excel before, so I know what you're talking about.
The new PDF versions are located on the Frequencies page, There not updated quite as often as the Radio PhoneBook.

WEMT moving to Holston Mtn

The FCC recently authorized local television station WEMT to move its transmitter from Viking Mountain in Greene County, TN to Holston Mountain
in Carter County, TN. The station expects the move to be completed some time in 2010. In related news WCYB was granted a temporary authorization to increase their transmitting power 400%. I'm guessing they underestimated how many people in the fringe areas had snowy reception, reception with a signal strength too low to handle the digital transition. We'll keep you posted on any changes, look forward to segment on antennas and learn to make your own TV/Scanner antenna.

Scott County Earthquake

Scott County, Virginia had a Magnitude 2.9 earthquake on August 14th.
We'll all hope we never have a "Major" earthquake in this area, but should the
worst occur having the right frequency can be more than just recreational.

While too numerous to list here, any agency may be operate for a different cause.


  • School Bus frequencies - Evacuations, shelter ops
  • Water Companies / construction / highway depts. - Debris Removal / Rescue Ops
  • CTAF Aviation - Survey, Fire Support
  • State Police - Security, Perimeter Checks
  • Fire Departments - Food and Water Distribution / Fire Patrol
  • Highway Departments - Bridge Inspections
  • Amateur Radio - Message Relays, General Welfare Traffic for civilians, shelter ops
  • Power Companies - Rescue Operations collapsed buildings (bucket trucks)
  • Forestry / Game Fish - Rescue Ops, Security, Food and Water Distribution.

These are just sum rough examples, there are established emergency plans we'll elaborate on in
the future.

Recent FCC Licenses
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
FB2 - Repeater
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater

You can search for FCC
licenses on the Research

State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
TN Sullivan Tri-Cities Airport Commission WQIN394 809.9625 FX1, MO Conventional
TN Sullivan Tri-Cities Airport Commission WQIN394 854.9625 FB2 Conventional
VA Tazewell C&D Enterprises (Security) WQKC874 462.2875 MO Security Co.
VA Tazewell C&D Enterprises (Security) WQKC874 467.2875 MO Security Co.
TN Grainger "Landing At Rivers Edge"
Airpark Subdivision (Homes)
WQIB412 122.725 MO CTAF?
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 866.1625 FB2 Trunked Analog
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 866.5875 FB2 Trunked Analog
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 867.225 FB2 Trunked Analog
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 867.6375 FB2 Trunked Analog
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 868.8875 FB2 Trunked Analog
NC McDowell NC Highway Patrol WQHJ334 821.1625 FB2 Trunked Analog

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated August 17, 2009)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequencies:1244 up from 1214
Unit Numbers:2714 up from 2525

General Area Covered


Here's what we're working on...

New LTR Trunked Systems
(Still working!! Freqs now confirmed)
VA Hospital (In the works)
Homemade Antennas
Pager effects Pt2

That's it for now, Happy Scanning!

We want to hear from you!
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