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April 2010 Newsletter

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  • Forest Fire Season
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Well Since the last newsletter, we've found a lot of new frequencies...
Here's a sample of what's new....

Frequency Tone Name State County
151.0250 79.7 Wythe Co SO CH 3 Ft. Chiswell VA Wythe
151.1150 97.4 Wythe Co SO CH 2 Big Walker Mtn VA Wythe
151.2800 n293 TWRA - Dept Game/Fish Tac/Aviation TN Tennessee
151.4750 88.5 NC Dept Forestry  Asheville Area NC North Carolina
153.1100 141.3 Abingdon Ambulance Service VA Smyth
153.6725 192.8 Mt. Electric Cooperative Beech Mtn NC Avery
154.1300 d226 Statesville FD NC Iredell
154.8150 141.3 Damascus PD TAC VA Washington
154.8150 203.5 Knox County FD's TN Knox
154.8450 210.7 Knott County KY EMS/FD KY Knott
154.8450 114.8 Norton PD VA Norton
154.8450 167.9 Rutherford Co SO NC Rutherford
154.9650 100.0 Unicoi County EMS/FDS TN Unicoi
155.0400 136.5 Stanly County EMS NC Stanly
155.0550 162.2 Rutherford Co EMS NC Rutherford
155.4900 167.9 Logan County WV EMS WV Logan
155.5350 d411 Pikeville City Services KY Pike
155.7000 d031 Boone County SO WV Boone
155.8200 103.5 Wythe County EMS VA Wythe
159.3000 n294 TWRA Dept Game/Fish  Roan Mtn TN Washington
164.8250 123.0 US Forestry Cherokee- English Mtn US USA
166.0125 127.3 Mt Home Hospital Voice Paging  TN Washington
166.7875 67.0 US Park Service  - Cumberland Gap  US USA
168.2250 103.5 TVA Police - SE TN TN Tennessee
452.3250   TWR - FB6  Holston Mtn TN Carter
453.4750 192.8 Randolph Co SO NC Randolph
453.6625 n270 KSP P25- Post 9 / Region 6 Pike/Phelps KY Pike
460.0625 n191 KSP FB2  P25 - Post 9 / Region 6 KY Harlan
460.1125 n285 KSP FB2  P25 - Post 9 / Region 6 KY Pike
460.4250 162.2 Lexington, NC SO NC Davidson
460.5750 127.3 Cocke Co FD's TN Cocke

That's just a few, check out the Radio Phonebook (Link at the end of newsletter)

Mountain Toppin'

So what gives with all the frequencies? Are you thinking we have nothing better to do? Well not exactly....
Twice this month, ventures to the mountains have yielded more frequencies than we know what to do with.
To solve some of the data entry problems we are now using Microsoft Access to compare new entries which
are now being logged to a laptop real-time. Uniden's BCD396XT has a great feature called "Search and Store".
With Search and Store, frequencies are sought out automatically based on your preset ranges and modes and stored
on the scanner in a separate bank/group. You can set the scanner to search while your having a picnic, or while
you hike a trail with the scanner on your side. It does take some of the fun out of it but it is very efficient, getting ALL
the frequencies applicable to an area can make for a fun trip next time when you just want to listen.
At the bottom of this article is a link to a spreadsheet containing the frequencies found on each adventure.

Click thumbnails for larger pictures

TRIP 1 - Whitetop Mountian

Fort Bragg would have to be several hundred air miles from White Top, but with a little careful aiming of
2 sections of the array, the military base's Motorola trunked system on 400 MHz was loud and clear.
Noaa Weather radio transmissions from Mount Jefferson, North Carolina limited any use of our preamplifier on
the VHF bands. Intermodulation can be harsh on the mountain, and not always from the mountain... but surrounding

Portable Drive-Over
mast mount

Radio's inside

4 Pole Array pointing west

30-40 MPH winds
kept the mast to 2
sections only


TRIP 2 - High Knob Mountian

Lots of digital and lots less intermodulation here, while we did'nt stay as long as the Whitetop excursion we did get some
good frequencies and check many existing that we had wondered were still active in the same configuration form years ago.
Ironically, we ran into a couple of people on High Knob that had been up on Whitetop at the same time we were there just several days before.

Drive Over Mast -
further with shims underneath.

4 Pole array with Tree Antenna
in the background at 50 feet.

Excess line stays
neat with a carbiner!

Use of the "modified
cow hitch" knot.

Up-Close on use of shims

Tree Antenna (Look Closely)

4 Pole Array 20 Ft /
Tree Antenna - all 4 sections
of mast up.

That's a lot of Yagi's!

Click here for the frequencies found for each expedition. (Excel File)

More Digital ?

There have been several sources reporting that Washington County, VA is considering a switch over to P25 digital in the coming months. There is also chatter out of Lee County likewise. We're working on some more information for both counties and will keep you posted. The wait also continues for the Smyth County switch-over, county officials have been tight lipped as to the completion or activation of the project.

Also, The new Mototrbo system for Abingdon, VA has been quiet.
There has not been an announcement regarding the new selection of
the new contractor to build out the system.

Need more info on Digital Scanners?
Check out some of the digital capable scanners. - Equipment

New Unknowns

Our unknowns have grown enormously! We really need your help identifying these.
We do wish to thank several submitters and a couple of people on Radio Reference's
forums for their help as well. We've added system ID's to the mix, they are listed as #TC SID,
while its convenient some SIDs display as a name like "Duke Energy", we still have no idea
where this site is located.

Unknowns Section - updated with 95 new entries

Forest Fires
The fire season has kept many forestry officials busy with fires this season. During the first couple weeks of April numerous fires dotted the Cherokee National Forest stretching from the Tri-Cities south into the Tellico Plains area of Tennessee.
With the increased activity there have been some federal government frequencies sneaking out of the woodwork. Unlike state and county frequencies, federal frequencies are not listed in public database provided by the government. This makes the procurement and identification of these not only a challenge but an a difficult and frustrating activity. With some of our hard work and dedicated work by a few others, here is a crash course on our regional US Forest Service system and frequencies.

Listeners are reporting forest fire fighting aircraft practice activity in SE Tennessee and Western North Carolina on 292.200 and 134.925 (both AM mode) as well as the nationwide flight following frequency of 168.650 FM.

If you live within range of Whitetop, plug in
406.325. This is a link to other repeaters and
relays many communications of US Federal forestry operations
from Roanoke to Asheville.
Output Input Tone Name
164.1500     USFS - Air to Ground 
168.6250   110.9 USFS - Interagency (Guard)
168.6500   110.9 USFS - Interagency (Flight Following)
168.7250   103.5 USFS - Asheville (Fire Wx Broadcast)
168.8500     USFS - Flight Following  Whitetop Mtn
169.8750 164.8250 103.5 USFS - Fire Helicopters (Cherokee NF)
171.4750   103.5 USFS - Asheville (Fire Wx Broadcast)
171.5750   118.8 USFS - Fire  Mutual Aid
171.5750   167.9 USFS - Fire  Mutual Aid FB2 High Knob
172.2250   167.9 USFS - Asheville (Fire Wx Broadcast)
172.2500     USFS South Net Whitetop Mtn
406.2750     USFS Flight Following Whitetop Mtn
406.3250     USFS - Rangers Jeff / G.W.  NF
159.3300   151.4 TN Dept Forestry
159.3450 151.3100 173.8 TN Dept Forestry
159.4350   173.8 TN Dept Forestry
159.0450 151.3100 173.8 TN Dept Forestry (Holston Mtn FB2)
159.4650 151.1900 100.0 VA Dept Forestry
151.4750   88.5 NC Dept Forestry  Asheville Area FB2's
151.3550   88.5 NC Dept Forestry  FB2 Boone D2 
151.3900   d244 KY Forestry  Eastern Districts
151.2500   d125 KY Forestry  North Eastern Districts

Dont forget your local Fire Departments!

Severe Weather

Spring storm season is here!

146.700 is the local Skywarn Repeater - Listen in for the best info when the weather is at its worst.

Recent FCC Licenses
These are yet to be confirmed as active, however its not a bad idea to go ahead and program them in if live near their respective service areas. They have been hand picked from hundreds of new licenses.     FB - Base
MO- Mobile / Portable Use
FB2 - Repeater
FB2C - Repeater with interconnect
FB6C - Shared Repeater
FX1- Link to Repeater
FXO - Fixed

You can search for FCC
licenses on the
Research page.

  1. New license for fixed base operator at TRI
  2. Norfolk Southern's new license is not a renewal, this new license shows the request to allow narrowband data along side the conventional 11.2 kilohertz analog voice.
  3. Link Tech Industries, who has many customers in Tazewell County, VA has branched out and is installing or switching to an additional community or shared repeater on Big A, High Knob, and Brumley. The license also allows separate respective frequency use in Wyoming County, WV.
State County Agency Callsign Frequency Type Notes
TN Sullivan Aviation Spectrum Resources WQLS290 130.9500 FB At TRI Airport
TN Washington Iris Glen Environmental WQLQ783 464.2500 MO Solid Waste Facility
TN Washington Iris Glen Environmental WQLQ783 464.8250 MO Solid Waste Facility
VA Buchanan Norfolk Southern RR WQLR511 161.1900 FB 4 KHz Digital Data / 11.2 KHz Voice
VA Russell LinkTech (Reseller)  WPPX212 451.4500 FB6 Big A Mtn
VA Russell LinkTech (Reseller)  WPPX212 462.3250 FB6 Big A Mtn
VA Washington LinkTech (Reseller) WPPX212 451.6500 FB6 Brumley Mtn
VA Wise LinkTech (Reseller) WPPX212 452.3000 FB6 High Knob
VA Wise Norfolk Southern RR WQLR511 161.9500 FB 4 KHz Digital Data / 11.2 KHz Voice
VA Wise Norfolk Southern RR WQLR511 160.3650 FB 4 KHz Digital Data / 11.2 KHz Voice
VA Wise Norfolk Southern RR WQLR511 160.9500 FB 4 KHz Digital Data / 11.2 KHz Voice
VA Wise Norfolk Southern RR WQLR511 161.3550 FB 4 KHz Digital Data / 11.2 KHz Voice

        Download the Radio Phonebook (Updated April 28 2010)

Stats / Last Months Stats

Frequency Pairs / Singles: 1604 up from 1550
Unit Numbers: 3069 - Unchanged

General Area Covered


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