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Interest Event Locale Player
National Balloon Chase Hoax Colorado
Local 100 FT Fireball Sullivan County, TN
Local GSW (9/28/2009) Abingdon, VA
Local 420 - 911 Abingdon, VA
National Nike Corporate Jet Emergency Portland, OR
Local Flooding Russell County, VA
Local 20 People Sticks / Mace Washington Co, VA
Local Elderly Streaker Washington Co, VA
Local Dryer Fire - Rolling Hills Estates Castlewood, VA
Local US Marshal Foot Chase 1 Bristol, VA/ TN
Local US Marshal Foot Chase 2 Bristol, VA/ TN
Local $150 or Jail Bristol, VA
Local Murder / Suicide Washington Co, VA
Local Stabbing (11/27/2009) Abingdon, VA
Local 2nd Stabbing -11/27/2009 Washington Co, VA
National Tiger Woods Accident EMS call Orlando, FL
Local Elderly Person Search Abingdon, VA
Local Paranoid Person Glade Spring, VA
Local Tree-Minivan - 2 Fatal Washington Co, VA
Local Crash into Police Car Tazewell Co, VA
Local Bristol Compressors Man w/Gun Washington Co, VA
Local Abingdon Gas Leak (Response) Abingdon, VA
Local Abingdon Gas Leak (Patients) Abingdon, VA
Local Nice Officer With a Chizel Washington Co, VA
Local Rape / Beating Suspect Chase Washington Co, VA
Local Vehicle Crash - Head On Washington Co, VA
Local Medlfight Emergency Landing Washington Co, VA
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