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Below are the site frequencies for Divison 4 of the Commonwealth's STARS digital multi-agency radio system.

To successfully track and listen to users you will need at least the "C" control frequencies programmed correctly.
Having the alternate control frequencies is recommended as the alternate are sometimes used, having all the frequencies for a
site is possible but may slow your scanner down as it checks each frequency for activity.

Many agencies including, the Department of Forestry, Game and Inland Fisheries, Department of Transportation, ABC, DMME, etc use this system in conjunction or addition to their existing radio systems.

  Divison 4 mirrors VSP Divison 4
C= Control
A=Alternate Control
Talkgroups Mobile and System Frequencies
The system is a multi-cast system, meaning traffic from any part of the area (except the mobile site unless on the air) is broadcast
simultaneously across all the sites. This means that if you’re stationary you only need one site to hear traffic across the division.
Occasionally, units from other divisions will be in the area, their radios will relate to their home area and provide them with traffic from their home area. This means we can sometimes hear radio traffic from Richmond, Chesapeake, etc, if there is a traveling unit in our area that has their radio tuned to a talkgroup from a different division.
Stars sites are interconnected to each other and their control stations via Microwave Radio links. This provides redundancy in the event of a natural disaster that could affect ground based wire and fiber. This also prevents expensive common carrier fees that mobile data and broadband companies charge.

The metal spike on the top left is a lightning rod.

The square mesh above the microwave antenna protects the antenna from ice and hail.

Instead of vertical style antennas, Stars sites implement folded dipole arrays. These antennas are phased together to provide a directional pattern, having perpendicular arrangements (left) provide an Omni directional pattern that if desired could be selected on demand by the NOC (network operations center).

Note: The antennas pictured feature a built in phasing harness, so they would not be selectable and are only omni directional.

Additionally, this antennas provide a lower angle of radiation, unlike a vertical style antenna which would spread the signal out over the horizon.


Stars Site exclusive to Stars

Stars site with Shared systems (note the vertical antennas)
Location County Frequency ! SID
Mobile Site  Mobile 866.0625    120
Mobile Site  Mobile 866.1000    120
Mobile Site  Mobile 866.9000    120
Mobile Site   Mobile 867.2375 A 120
Mobile Site  Mobile 868.5875    120
Mobile Site   Mobile 868.6125 C 120
Mobile Site  Mobile 868.9250   120
Flattop    Giles 152.5625 A 208
Flattop   Giles 152.6075 A 208
Flattop  Giles 159.1350   208
Flattop  Giles 159.2250   208
Flattop  Giles 159.2625   208
Flattop   Giles 161.9125 C 208
Beamer   Carrol 151.3125 A 209
Beamer   Carrol 151.3925 A 209
Beamer   Carrol 161.9500 C 209
Beamer   Carrol 162.0000   209
Whitetop   Grayson 152.5175 A 210
Whitetop   Grayson 158.7675   210
Whitetop   Grayson 161.8125 C 210
Whitetop   Grayson 161.8500 A 210
Whitetop   Grayson 161.8625   210
Whitetop   Grayson 161.8875   210
Buck Mtn   Grayson 152.0825 C 211
Buck Mtn   Grayson 152.6675 A 211
Buck Mtn   Grayson 161.8000   211
Buck Mtn   Grayson 161.9375   211
East River Mtn   Tazewell 161.8125 A 212
East River Mtn   Tazewell 161.8375 A 212
East River Mtn   Tazewell 161.9000 C 212
Big A Mtn   Russell 152.6825 A 213
Big A Mtn   Russell 152.7125 C 213
Big A Mtn   Russell 161.8750   213
Big A Mtn   Russell 162.0000   213
High Knob   Wise 152.0375 C 214
High Knob   Wise 152.2175 A 214
High Knob  Wise 152.6675   214
High Knob  Wise 152.7875   214
High Knob  Wise 159.3825   214
Hunters Gap  Lee 152.0675   215
Hunters Gap   Lee 152.6525 A 215
Hunters Gap   Lee 152.6975 C 215
Hunters Gap  Lee 161.9125   215
Brumley Mtn   Washington 152.5325 A 216
Brumley Mtn  Washington 152.8025   216
Brumley Mtn  Washington 161.8250   216
Brumley Mtn   Washington 161.8500 C 216
Brumley Mtn  Washington 161.8875   216
 Keen Mtn   Buchanan 152.8175 A 217
 Keen Mtn   Buchanan 161.8000 C 217
 Elkins Branch   Buchanan 161.9000 C 227
 Elkins Branch   Buchanan 161.9375 A 227
 Elkins Branch   Buchanan 161.9500 C 227

As always, check the Radio Phonebook for the latest infomation.

Research Note: Content exclusive to by extensive field research in late 2010 and early 2011. Stars information and frequencies while listed in the FCC database are not listed by site and due to a blanket waiver of the VHF marine band not publicly listed. Others may have stars information listed however, it was submitted by listeners, our research is first hand field research and considered extremely accurate. The research process was assisted by a group of individuals which we extend our thanks to, also many of the talkgroups were procured through weeks of hard work through our collaborative efforts.
In interest of national security some information including talkgroups, exact locations, enclosure pictures, and microwave layouts have been withheld from being widely distributed. Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information. Tower photographs may not be used without permission / credit.

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