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Off Limits to Scanie the Scanner
There are a growing number of agencies and systems in the area that are switching to systems that cannot be picked up with an "off the shelf scanner". Sometimes its due to privacy/security, otherwise it's for cost constraints or to meet narrowbanding guidelines.

Below is a partial list of systems, those marked "difficult" may be intercepted with computer software and a modified radio receiver, provided the system is not additionally encrypted.
Current laws allow reception of propriety formats, however if encrypted their successful interception is considered illegal.

Agency Location Type Notes
Town of Abingdon Abingdon, VA MotoTRBO Town Public Works, Parks and Recs, Schools: full time, Police and Fire used for tactical use only.
JMH Hospital Abingdon, VA MotoTRBO Full use
Tazewell County Tazewell Co, VA Nexedge - ENC Use by Sheriff's Office
Tri-Cities Communications Carter Co, TN MotoTRBO Trunked system, unknown users, suspected to be Eastman security.
Morristown Power Morristown, TN MotoTRBO Utility Company
VDGIF Virginia P25-ENC Game Wardens throughout the state.
Sevier County Sevier County, TN Nexedge - ENC Gatlinburg FD/EMS and All Pigeon Forge Public Safety / Fire/ Police EMS
Eastman Chemical Kingsport, TN P25-ENC Full time Encryption of Phase 2 P25 System
Sullivan County Sullivan County, TN P25-ENC All County / City Traffic on TACN Site 2-50 SO, PD, EMS, FD,Schools, PW
Tennessee Tennessee P25-ENC THP Dispatch 1 / Most other State Agency Dispatch 1 talkgroups
Carter County Carter Co, TN Voice Inversion Used for secure radio channel, raw audio sounds distorted.
Norfolk Southern Railroad Roanoke, VA Nexedge Used in Roanoke Rail Yard, Plans for complete changeover.
Interception Likelihood
Easy Difficult Impossible

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